Bakkeren is a private owned company established by mr Antonius Bakkeren in 1883 in Breda, The Netherlands. The unique metalsmithing techniques, durability and design soon resulted in a solid reputation. Starting with railings, undercarriages and restoration of the city hall. Until this day the Bakkeren designs of ironworks are present in the historical center of Breda.

With the upcoming of cars and trucks the workshop expanded in 1922. Bakkeren designed a vacuum breaking system for trailers, this system received approvement by te Dutch national governement. Untill the second world war Bakkeren produced and implemented these systems.

In 1940 during occupation of The Netherlands the Bakkeren company was forced to a standstill until the end of 1944. After the war Bakkeren started refitting and rebuilding American army materials for alternate purposes. Mr. Peter Bakkeren became the new ceo and Bakkeren started building it’s first trailer in 1945 and also started trading in truck parts with heavy wear.

The Dutch flood disaster of 1953 resulted in enormous devastation. Bakkeren designed and constructed deep loading trucks used for rebuilding the flooded areas. As a result of the growing operations Bakkeren moved to a new location.

During the 50’s the European automotive industry increased producing of heavy trucks. Bakkeren succeeded in penetrating this growing market. Supplying an Italian oil company Bakkeren entered the international markets and started exporting.

In the 60’s Bakkeren proved to be an innovating and customer orientated partner in the market for automotive parts of heavy wear with specialism in driveline parts and universal joints. Bakkeren  focussed on the international automotive market. The products & services laid the foundation for a strong reputation and satisfied clients in the global automative industry.

In 1975 The current owner of Bakkeren, mr Bronek Sutarzewicz, entered the company as an organisational expert. In 1976 the Dana Group requested Bakkeren for guidance during entering the European market. This proved to be a valuable relationship, both companies prospered during the 80’s.

Mr Bronek Sutarzewicz became the next owner and ceo of Bakkeren via a management buyout in 1995. Since then Bakkeren kept its focus on international trade with driveline shafts and universal joints. Bakkeren also introduced it’s own brand ‘BKJ’, a roductline for spider parts.

Ongoing expansion of operations forced Bakkeren in 2007 to move to it’s current location. After 12 decades of leadership Bakkeren still focusses on product quality and customer service. Bakkeren and the products lines of driveline parts and universal joints are renowned for it’s quality and quick delivery to any part in the world.